COVID-19 Update 4/23/2020

I am writing to inform you of our 2nd confirmed positive COVID‐19 test out of our Seymour, WI location. We received notification of the positive case Wednesday, 4/22. This employee has been in self‐quarantine since Wednesday, April 15th. We have strong belief that this case, similar to the first case, originated outside of Performance Corp. We continue to believe these cases are NOT from community spread within our facilities. We have also received confirmation of one negative test. Any employee identified as a close contact to the individual’s who have tested positive have been communicated to, to inform them of their exposure and need to self‐quarantine.

In total, we have:

  • 2 employees with positive coronavirus tests; outside exposure
  • 1 employee who has tested negative
  • 1 employee with a pending test result in Seymour, and 1 employee with a pending test result in Carney.

All other employees who are away from work have been self‐quarantined as a precautionary measure.

In recognition of the efforts of those employees who continue to work on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to install a temporary Frontline Employee Incentive program which will provide a $3.00 per hour incentive to each individual’s hourly rate, effective Sunday, April 26, 2020. For more details on the incentive pay, please refer to the Frontline Employee Incentive program posted on company bulletin boards.

Additionally, on the back of this letter, you will find a listing of the safety measures and efforts we have put in place as a company. We are adding new items to the list regularly and encourage employees to share their ideas with their Supervisors or by sharing them to the HR Department directly through the Employee Portal.

Employees can also now find employee communications on our website! www.performance‐ and click on ‘Latest News’!

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and wash your hands!

Click here for the attached document, COVID-19 Safety Efforts.