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6-yard max in dump trailer:

0-10 miles @ $100.00

10-25 miles @$125.00

Dump Truck – 25 yards, delivery locations (40-mile radius) 

Green Bay, DePere, Ashwaubenon, Appleton, Grand Chute, Greenville, Little Chute, Kaukauna, Seymour, Black Creek, Oneida, Freedom, Shiocton, New London, Bonduel, Pulaski, Neenah, Menasha, Kimberly, Combined Locks, Shawano, Wrightstown, Hortonville, Suamico

Semi-Truck load delivery minimum $300 freight charge 

Mulch & Organic Livestock Bedding

Performance mulch is perfect for any and all landscaping projects that you have planned for this year. Our mulch is recycled from our other wood manufacturing processes. Performance mulch is a decision you can feel good about.

Recycled directly from our other wood processes, our organic livestock bedding has less than 20% moisture content and is virtually dust-free. Our sawdust is the perfect way to keep your livestock warm, healthy, and happy!

We also carry ADA-certified playground cushion/woodchips that is perfect for any park, school, or daycare.

Stop in and pick up all your mulch & organic livestock bedding needs!

Mulch Products

Natural Hardwood Mulch

Natural Mulch

$20.00 per yard

Hardwood Bark Mulch

Hardwood Bark Mulch

$30.00 per yard

Mulch & Organic Livestock Bedding

Hemlock Bark Mulch

$50.00 per yard

ADA Certified Playground Cushion

$35.00 per yard

Organic Livestock Bedding Products

Organic Animal Bedding

Organic Dry Livestock Bedding

Contact us for pricing!

Sawdust (Animal Bedding)


Contact us for pricing!

Topsoil/Clean Fill - Clay

Black Dirt

Black Dirt

$10.00 per yard

Clean Fill - Clay


$5.00 per yard

Mulch Coverage

1 Yard = approx. 27 cubic feet of loose bulk material, 3′ high by 3′ wide by 3′ long (3’x3’x3′)

1 Yard will cover approx. 9’x9′ area or 81 square feet to a depth of 4″

1 Yard will cover approx. 10’x10′ area or 100 square feet to a depth of 3″

1 Yard will cover approx. 13’x13′ area or 162 square feet to a depth of 2″

A standard pick-up truck bed = 3 YARDS (Heaped)
Mulch Calculations
  1. STEP 1 = Length × Width × Depth = Volume in Feet
  2. STEP 2 = Convert to Yards – Volume in Feet / 27 = Cubic Yards

EXAMPLE 1: Garden is 22 feet long, 6 feet wide, depth needed is 3 inches

  1. STEP 1: 22 x 6 x .25 = 33 cubic feet (determine cubic feet of product needed to cover garden to depth of 3 inches / .25)
  2. STEP 2: 33 / 27 = 1.2 cubic yards

EXAMPLE 2: Garden is 40 feet long, 6 feet wide, depth needed is 2 inches

  1. STEP 1: 40 x 6 x .17 = 40.8 cubic feet (determine cubic feet of product needed to cover garden to depth of 2 inches / .17)
  2. STEP 2: 40.8 / 27 = 1.5 cubic yards
Mulch Calculator

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