James Brill
President, Co-Founder

James founded Performance Corporation alongside his father in 1981 and assumed ownership of the family business in 1983. Under his passionate leadership and future-focused direction, Performance continues to grow year after year. James also serves as an important member of our sales team.

Courtney Heagle
Vice President - Human REsources

When we hire new employees, Courtney makes sure the onboarding process is smooth as she oversees HR operations. She conducts performance reviews and handles the important administrative tasks that keep our business running. Courtney also keeps our team safe by keeping our protocols up to the current safety standards and following OSHA guidelines. It’s because of her that we can say we’re constantly improving safety at Performance.

John Robel
Regional Sales Manager

As a member of the Performance team for over 10 years, John continues to help us grow and expand. He spends his days reaching out to new clients we can help and building our presence in the industry. Contact John by calling Performance Corp. and entering extension 112.

Kevin Dobbin
Operations Manager

Kevin is the guy who keeps your project on track. He’s responsible for overseeing and managing projects at both of our locations. His day-to-day planning ensures our projects stay within budget. With an eye toward the future, Kevin also helps us meet our company goals.

Mark Buman
Finance Manager

Our success with vendors and within the industry depends on Mark’s estimates! He takes a close look at our goals to create plans that align with our financial objectives and tracks our progress along the way.