Sustainability is a core value of Performance Corp. We strive to enhance the sustainability of our company, our community, and the markets we serve to do our part to protect the environment. We concentrate on products that use recycled packaging and raw materials, which reduces our environmental impact.

Performance is dedicated to reducing the need to harvest trees, cutting harmful emissions, reducing our energy expenditures, and saving valuable, reusable sources of waste wood from landfills. 



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SFI- Certified Loggers

It starts with our commitment to only buy from sustainable, SFI-certified loggers. This rigorous set of standards certifies that loggers:

“practice sustainable forestry to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; practicing a land stewardship ethic that integrates reforestation and the growing and harvesting of trees for useful products with the conservation of soil, air and water quality, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitat, recreation and aesthetics.”

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Zero-Waste Manufacturing

Performance Corporation makes use of all parts of every log that comes into our facility. Our wood is processed in-house so that we can ensure that all aspects are used.

  • Whole Log – The sawmill operation in Carney, MI processes all parts of the log that we don’t use for pallet and crate production. Waste materials such as quarter rounds, bark and sawdust are repurposed into firewood, landscape mulch and livestock bedding.
  • Recycling – Our Seymour location recycles a variety of packaging materials including repairing and remanufacturing pallets from used ones, recycling corrugated materials (cardboard), and stretch film. Instead of waste, these materials become landscape mulch, ADA certified playground cushion, an/or livestock bedding.
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Sustainable Transportation

Performance Corp. has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the SmartWay carrier program. SmartWay is a public/private collaboration between the EPA and the freight transportation industry that helps freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies move the freight industry forward to a more sustainable future.

As a SmartWay partner, Performance is committed to reducing transportation-related emissions that affect climate change and increasing global energy security through better fuel efficiency. As a result of these efforts, SmartWay has estimated that our efforts have reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by our fleet by as much as 455 metric tons each year. Performance has had an active partnership with Smartway since 2009.

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No Waste Recycling

We offer our customers a true one-stop-shop for their pallet needs. We deliver pallets and crates to manufacturers, big box stores and other businesses. Then we haul away their recyclable materials, including stretch film, wooden boxes, pallets and more, in the same trailer, creating efficiencies for our customers.

Removal of pallets, lumber, and wood packaging, including metals, plastic and paper, in an all-in-one vendor solution helps you keep your property clean and keeps material costs low.