Performance continues its commitment to sustainability and high-quality products by providing bundled Firewood and loose cut & split firewood that originates from our Sawmill in Carney, MI and Seymour, WI from SFI-Certified logging companies. That is then kiln-dried and packaged in-house to always be a step ahead in quality.

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Premium Firewood

  • Upper Midwest Mixed Hardwood
  • Debarked & Seasoned
  • Heat Treated
  • .65 cu ft Birch Shrink Wrapped Bundles 
  • .65 cu ft & .75 cu ft Mixed Hardwood Shrink Wrapped Bundles 
  • 65 Shrink Wrapped Bundles Per Pallet or Custom Counts by Request UPC Coded
  • EDI Order Communication
  • Also Available in Kindling Size

Quality Assured

  • WDATCP Certified for Use in Wisconsin State Parks
  • WI Certified Firewood Dealer
  • USDA Certified for Transport Anywhere in the US
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified
  • Performance Transportation Will Deliver Anywhere in the U.S.
**Certified heat-treated firewood is a high-quality hardwood product that lights easily, burns very well for campfires, is safe to cook over, and is already sold at many locations. The heat treatment kills insects and pathogens that may be in the wood. **

Our Premium, Kiln-Dried and Heat treated, Firewood is processed by Performance from start to finish. Sustainability, Zero-Waste, efforts are exhibited by bundling and supplying our Firewood to customers while converting any waste into Mulch or Animal Bedding.

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  1. All hardwood selection
  2. USDA certified
  3. Transportable anywhere in the USA
  4. Cut & split into convenient 16″ lengths
  5. Each bundle contains .75 cubic feet of wood
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Hear what customers say about their experience with Performance Corp.

“The firewood is working fantastic… we really like the quality of the wrap and clean appearance.  The firewood itself has had a great response from our guests! We are very happy with your product!”

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