A Letter from the President RE: Noise Levels at Our South Campus Facility

Dear neighbors:

We are continually committed to being a GOOD member of our community and are willing to listen to any concerns and/or suggestions provided by our neighbors. In the current situation, I am happy to provide you some insight as well as our current and ongoing solutions.

As a result of the pandemic, our firewood business has grown 300% in a very short period of time. Our sound barrier wall between our facility and Factory Street, which was made of our firewood raw material, had to be used and processed because of this unexpected increase. We are currently in process of rebuilding this wall which will significantly buffer sounds reaching the residential areas.

To better understand the level of sound coming from our operations at this site, we have begun working with the city to collect decibel readings. This will allow us to create a base line to set our standards against and ensure
compliance with city ordinances. We will certainly address any problem areas that are noted and are committed to finding permanent solutions to ensure your daily life is not negatively impacted.

In addition to the sound barrier wall, we have purchased a replacement saw to the one that has been in operation at this facility for the past couple of years. We are hopeful that the new saw (which should be arriving soon) will produce less noise than the current equipment in place. Please understand that when the new saw arrives we will be testing the specific sound levels of its operation and will plan for needed or additional sound barriers at that time.

Our material handlers are continually being trained and coached to eliminate as much noise as possible; including the proper handling of metal baskets and not allowing them to slide them on the concrete, and minimizing the amount of times they have to back up as to limit the sound of the backup alarm.

You may have also noticed some activity at the Factory St. entrance/parking lot over the past few weeks. We are excavating our raw material yard to increase the stone sub structure to eliminate the mud/dirt, in our efforts to clean up the area. This has increased noise throughout the day due to the work being done, however it will be finished soon and look much more presentable.

In the long term, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen and encourage you to communicate with us on concerns you may have at any time. We are not accepting of substandard practices and want to have a positive relationship with our neighbors to ensure we can happily coexist within our amazing community.

James W. Brill
Performance Pallet Corp.