COVID-19 Response Plan

Performance Corp. has created a specific Business Continuity Plan in response to the coronavirus pandemic impacting businesses and social life within our country and throughout the world. Performance Corp. is committed to maintaining active business operations, providing products and support to our customers while maintaining the highest levels of safety and health for our employees by putting policies and procedures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Performance has begun implementing critical portions of our Business Continuity Plan outlining actions we will take to address staffing, material flow, and continued production should there be an outbreak in our area. It is our goal to sustain normal operations which will result in maintaining continued supply and service to you. To ensure the appropriate level of continued service, we are asking all customers to provide an updated purchasing forecast.

Even with the ever changing global conditions, Performance remains committed to enhancing our manufacturing operations and has the availability to adjust production capacity on demand. We are able to support increased volumes and new products or services to meet any of your company’s needs in these changing times.