COVID-19 Update 6/24/2020

We have been made aware of our 9th,10th & 11th confirmed positive test results for COVID-19. All employees work out of the Seymour, WI location and have been absent from work since at least June 11th, 2020. We’ve also learned of 2 additional negative test results.

As of 6/24/2020, our current company-wide COVID test results are as follows:

ResultsCarney, MISeymour, WICOMPANY TOTAL
Results will also be regularly updated on Employee Message monitors at both the Seymour and Carney locations.

A. In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Performance Corp. has implemented a Facemask Policy requiring both company employees and visitors to wear face coverings. Face coverings should not be a substitute for social distancing, and individuals should continue to maintain at least 6ft distance between themselves and others whenever possible. Face coverings can consist of company provided face masks or personal cloth coverings, so long as they cover both the nose and mouth. Facemasks are not required while operating company owned vehicles (unless there is more than one person in the vehicle) and in certain approved situations where an employee’s work station is considered isolated from others for the majority of the work day. Employees with medical conditions that may cause them to be under duress should consult with their Supervisor or HR. If an
employee begins feeling overheated or is experiencing troubles breathing, they should remove their mask immediately and seek assistance from a Supervisor.