Production Capabilities
Automatic Pallet Assembly Systems:

  • 4 Viking Champion Pallet/Skid Assembly Lines
  • 1 Viking Turbo Pallet Assembly Line
Automatic Pallet Repair System:

  • 1 Continuous Motion Assembly Repair Lines
  • Maintained Inventory of Reconditioned Pallets Ready to Ship
Lumber Reclaim Systems:

  • 2 Recycled Lumber Reclaim Lines
  • 4 New/Specialty Lumber Reclaim
  • Recycling / Disassembly / Reclaim of miscellaneous sizes of Lumber, Pallets, Skids, Crates and Boxes.
  • Provides a consistent supply of new and recycled lumber
    for the repair and construction of remanufactured pallets
Custom Hand Assembly Line:

  • Design and construction of specialty pallets, skids, crates & boxes
  • Caters to small volume Specialty Requirements
Performance maintains a complete Quality Control Program on all lines involving 1st piece and random piece inspections of all production orders.
Additional Services
Heat Treatment

  • Certified heat treating facility
  • Provisions for treatment of lumber, pallets & skids
  • Meets international shipping requirements & global phytosanitary standards.

  • Custom built, inline sanitation system can assure clean & sanitized new and reconditioned pallets for critical applications.
Other Services

  • Banding
  • Stenciling
  • Color Coding
  • Notching
  • Planing
  • Chamfering
  • Drop Trailers


  • Inventory programs to meet your time sensitive delivery requirements
  • Custom repair programs to meet your specific needs
  • Closed loop programs: retrieving, sorting, repair and distribution of “your pallets”
  • Pick up & removal of unwanted/unusable pallets and other wood waste
Recycling Logo

Performance recycles 100% of wasted materials.
No wood, metal, plastics, corrugate, or paper are sent to landfill.